2012 Annual College Fair

The 8th Annual College Fair was a great success! On Saturday, November 17, 2012, a total of 419 individuals attended workshops and participated in the college fair. 207 teens had the chance to meet with 55 representatives to assist them in process of preparing for their post secondary plans. Judy Hernandez and Marilyn Sommer (NYU) facilitated the Financial Aid Clinic. The attendees learned numerous ways to pay for college. Clayton Harding with Bell Curves was the moderator of the College Confidential workshop. He led the discussion with six panelists and shared information on the admissions process. The panel comprised of current college students and recent graduates that were excited to share their experiences and tips with the attendees.

Special thanks to 1199SEIU Child Care Funds and Child Care Corporation for giving the Youth Mentoring and Teen Programs area the opportunity to offer 1199SEIU members and their children an avenue to meet with colleges and organizations aimed at helping their youth achieve their academic goals.