7th Annual Career Day

The 7th Annual Career Day took place on March 19, 2011. This event provided students with the opportunity to explore their career goals and speak personally to professionals and students in their chosen field.

The day began with an inspirational video clip and story from Keynote Speaker
Chris  Kazi  Rolle, founder of the HIP HOP PROJECT.

He motivated everyone to follow his 5 STEPS to SUCCESS:

Develop Vision,

Take Initiative,

Stay Focused

Make Positive Associations,

and Have Faith.

The power of his message enabled our young people to look inside themselves and see the possibilities… to become engaged and connect the dots between Education and Life.

During the morning segment of Career day our students had the opportunity to attend four different Career Workshops, each of which addressed vital aspects of the career development process.

While students in the first workshop, Career Explorations, explored their future options with Ms. Toshaha Simpson a representative from the NYC Transit, those in the Resume Workshop discussed important resume writing techniques with resume guru, Ms. Paula Lee of the NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development.

Our third workshop, Success in the Workplace, was conducted by our very own NYU Grads and   Upward Bound staff, Whitney Whiting and Gina Castillon. During this workshop, students learned important tips about what an employer looks for in an employee, how to stand out amongst peers, and how to be successful in their summer jobs and internships.

As a nice addition to our Resume Workshop, the fourth workshop was a Resume Clinic, during which students had the opportunity to have their own resumes reviewed and critiqued by NYU staff counselors and Fieldwork students.

Our students responded positively to these morning workshops and felt it was a great start to what would be a most enlightening day.

“The workshops gave me a better idea of where to start with my career planning”, “It kept me interested and informed” , “I learned to show initiative.” , “It also gave me some tips I didn’t know about” , “It helped me get a sense of what to expect and what to do”, “They taught us how to prepare ourselves” , “I wrote an awesome resume!”

During the afternoon, students had the opportunity to explore prospective career paths by attending a Career Conversation group of their choice. This afforded them the chance to speak personally with a dynamic group of professionals and students pursuing undergraduate and graduate studies in the field.  Career Conversation speakers included NYU Upward Bound and 1199 WF ALUMNI who came back to share their stories with our students.

The range of professions represented proved an outstanding turn-out once again with individuals from

  • JP Morgan Chase and Ernst and Young for Business/Finance
  • NYC Police Department and John Jay College for Forensic Psychology/Criminal Justice
  • NYU Tisch School of the Arts; Jones New York for Fashion
  • NYC Transit and American Institute of Chemical Engineers for Engineering/Computers

Other guest speakers included

  • Osvaldo Caban Jr., Criminal Defense Attorney
  • Laurie Goeringer , Occupational Therapist
  • Brianna Tolli, Assoc.Dir. of Admissions, American University of Antigua College of Medicine
  • Keith Hagel, Writer
  • Kelly William, Sloan Kettering RN Nurse Practitioner
  • Carla Lowe, Nurse Specialist from 1199 Child Care Fund

and several professionals and students from state of the art schools representing Teaching/Counseling,Culinary Arts, Architecture, Pharmacy, Medicine and Physical Therapy.

According to our student survey, participants were most interested in learning about quality of life in relation to the career choice, the fluctuating job market, salary range, and continuing education.  Each Career Conversation panelist shared details about their vocation or educational pursuit, what a day in their job or school is like, the best thing about their career or major, and the challenges they faced during their personal journey towards their career.

Overall students found the career conversations to be helpful in emphasizing the amount of work and dedication that is needed when pursuing a career, and in helping them to further explore their career interests.

At the end of the day, our students left with endless possibilities.

Some of their comments reflect the impact of these career conversations

“I learned that to succeed, I must Pursue and never stop being who I am”, “It helped me make my final choice for my future career”, “Now I know… Medical school will be a long hard road and maybe I should look at some related areas” and “We loved the—panelists”!

All in all, the Annual Career Day was once again a success and an unforgettable experience for our students, guests, and staff.


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