Pre-RN Program Students Mentored by Nurses from CHAM

1199 Workforce Pre-RN Specialist, Ms. Carla Lowe RN MPH, arranged for representatives from the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore Medical Center (CHAM) to speak to the Pre-RN program students at NYU on Saturday May 15, 2010.

Ms. Pamela Asa RN CPN, Ms. Kimberly Cortese RN MSN PNP CPON, and Ms. Tashea Gallimore RN CPN provided an interactive and informative presentation to our students about the various specialties in Pediatric Nursing.

A PowerPoint presentation addressed “Why consider nursing?” and highlighted the range of qualifications and duties in pediatric nursing. Students learned about each speaker’s area of specialty and their roles and functions within CHAM such as medical/surgical units, cardiothoracic units, hermatology/oncology/BMT, and the critical care unit.

The day concluded with a networking session where students spoke individually with these mentors. Through their leadership they have positively impacted the career pursuits of our Pre-RN students.

The opportunity to learn from and dialogue with these CHAM professionals has indeed helped launch the next generation of nurses.


Pre-RN Students Trained in CPR/AED by American Red Cross

Pre-RN students, under the sponsorship of the 1199/SEIU Employer Child Care Corporation, participated in an interactive and informative course that included learning skills in CPR, rescue breathing and compressions, rescue of choking victims, dealing with cardiac emergencies, care of various types of injuries, signals and care for sudden illnesses, and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) demonstration.

Students worked with new state of the art technology “test mannequins/dummies” which facilitated the learning via dynamic hands- on training. After completing a written test, they each received their CPR/AED and First Aid Certification.

Equipped with this certification and the skills and knowledge they have gained in the program, these Pre-RN students are prepared to embark on their summer internships in various Health Care Facilities.